photo of the book cover

Susie Cazenove with her wealth of safari experience in East and Southern Africa records and shares her love of Africa through a collection of colourful biographies of some of Africa's foremost professional guides.Interspersed with amusing and often hair-raising anecdotes of life in the bush she paints a vivid picture of the passion and dedication of this fiercely independent breed.

In this presentation, beautifully illustrated with sixty of her own photographs and her daughter's charcoal portraits, Susie weaves a story of guiding from its inception in the 1970's to the hopes and dreams for the future.

She paints a dramatic picture of both the scenery and the guides who walk us through it; there is no doubt that this book will inspire the armchair - and itinerant - traveller.

This web site provides a few glimpses of the guides and places described by Susie, and tells you how to order your own copy of this wonderful book.